Get you unwanted rugby gear Out of the Closet … Onto the Rugby Field!

Out of the Closet … Onto the Rugby Field is an exciting social responsibility project backed by the WP Rugby Union. It aims to encourage all current and ex rugby players to rummage through their closets and donate their unwanted rugby gear.

The project is the brain child of Hooker’s Mate (a line-out throw training aid for hookers) inventor, Hendri Terblanche.

Says Hendri: ‘Having been involved with rugby for many years, the development of the game and players is something which lies close to my heart, which is the reason why I developed Hooker’s Mate.

However, in my recent dealings with various teams on different levels to promote the product, I have once again become aware of the great need that exists among players from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Before their need for training can be met, their basic needs, in terms of rugby gear such as jerseys and rugby boots must be addressed. This motivated me to launch this initiative.”

Out of the Closet … Onto the Rugby Field entails:

1) Identifying the most important rugby needs at both school and club level in
Western Province.
2) Identifying the schools and clubs in Western Province that can most benefit
from this project.
3) The collection of old and/or unwanted rugby gear from players in the Western
4) Distribution of the collected gear amongst the schools and clubs, as

Collection bins can be found at a number of strategic sport stores. Anyone with unwanted rugby gear (jerseys, boots, balls etc.) can drop it off at any of the participating sports stores:

Urban Sports (Eikestad Mall)

Pêrel Sports (Paarl Mall)

Somerset Sport (Cape Gate)

Go and have a look through your closet right now, we can all make a difference!